We invite you to celebrate Joseph's and Anna's wedding



Joseph is a very lucky fellow



Anna is stunning and has waited a long time for this day

The big day

We are so excited to celebrate our special day with our family and friends. Thank you so much for visiting our wedding website!

Just some hours...
...until we get married!
Our Special Events

Wedding Events

This will be a wedding that can be enjoyed with our live streaming services provided by Texan Studios

December 25th, 2020 Houston, USA

Houston, Tx
The celebration will include the finest food and unlimited beverages of your choice. We have spared no expense for our special day.
Houston, Tx
Imported cognacs and champagne are the highlight of this hour. From exotic scotches to the wilder side of Tequila.
Houston, Tx
Fish, steak and lobster are just a few of the options at this mega dinner.
Houston, Tx
Our 10 Tier cake is a work of art and took 12 pastry wizards to complete the task and present it here today.
Houston, Tx
Let the party begin with our bands from around the globe. Salsa, southern rock, and a touch of Karaoke for the more adventerous.
The story of our love

Our Love Story

Here is the story of the couple

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    December 25, 2015

    When we first met

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  • First Date

    December 28, 2015

    That magic first date

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  • In A Relationship

    January 1, 2016

    When it became official

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